"Travelling has been my life long passion and I used all the different styles of transport and equipment to feed it, but nothing beats a trip in my 4WD with my own camping gear and travelling plans. I was looking into a many off-road trailer concepts and was looking for something simple, comfortable and strong"  

This is the words of JM Klopper the founder of Great Track Adventure Camper –  JM did his homework in Australia where he used to stay for 6 years and then he saw a similar concept of a off-road trailer and came back to South Africa to develop and design a camper with a diffrence for the South African market. The keywords to his design was simplicity, comfort and strength and in 2012 the first GT Camper was born with a new unique design to show South Africans how easy camping can be. THe unique futures of a GT Camper is the quick and easy set-up, the hard floor for the tent and tha easy access to your bed. After 5 years in the Camping and Outdoor Industry GT Camper are proud in the way the business are growing year by year.

Our mission is to build a hard body off-road trailer that is easy to use with a exclusive but rugged look. Every part has been designed using our SCS quality control system to ensure you get top quality and value for your money. We are more than confident that we are hitting the target and that every owner of a GT Camper will be more than satisfied with his 2 minute Camper.

All our clients are part of the GT family and we strive towards excellence and personal attention.