Our New Camping Trailers Are Designed with the Perfect Getaway in Mind


Who does not love a little adventure in the incredible South African countryside? Whether it is an escape into the Mpumalanga Bushveld, a meander through the vast Karoo, or chilling next to a stunning waterfall in the Cape mountains, our country offers something for everyone. The founder of GT Campers, JM Klopper, is an avid traveller and it is this love that has led him to develop our new camping trailers.


As he says, “There are two things that I hate about such a trip and they are the packing of all the gear and the pitching of my tent. A caravan is also not the answer, because it won’t always go where I want to go. I needed something that is simple, comfortable, and strong. As a result, I’ve built a camper trailer to suit my own needs. That was the birth of the Great Track adventure camper.”


Here are some of the features you can expect from our new camping trailers:


  1. Two minutes – that is all you need. Forget fighting with your tent poles. Our new camping trailers are designed with a tent that can be set up in less than two minutes. That’s right: less than two minutes – you can time it! What makes it even better is that it requires absolutely zero tent poles or lines.


  1. A hard-floor tent adds extra convenience. Our new camping trailers are the only ones on the local market that boast a hard-floor tent. Forget those awkward, uneven floors or uncomfortable rocks poking up on the most inconvenient places.


  1. Easy-access bed. First, it is a queen-sized bed. How often do you get to enjoy that on a countryside trip? Second, you don’t need to climb an awkward ladder to get to it. Two small steps are all it takes – perfect for those tired legs after a day of hiking or for those who might have had a too festive braai …


  1. Easy towing. Driving long distances is stressful enough. Our new camping trailers are designed to provide an effortless towing experience. Their low profile minimises wind resistance, saving fuel and providing excellent towing stability. It also makes it easy to clearly see the traffic behind you.


  1. Ample roof-rack space. If you are going away, you probably have some fun activities planned. Our new camping trailers feature big roof racks that allow you to add extra items, such as kayaks or bicycles with ease and peace of mind.


  1. Go on – leave the road behind. Our new camping trailers boast excellent off-road capabilities, allowing you to take them with you wherever you want to go. They come with independent suspension to handle off-road conditions and have proved their durability in the field.


Admit it, these new camping trailers sound like the perfect companion for any outdoor getaway. Stop wasting your time and money on cheap and impractical gear. Contact GT Camper today to find the right model for you – and take your getaways to a whole new level.