6 Reasons Why You Want to Consider Getting a 4×4 Camping Trailer


With our great weather, incredible scenery, and an abundance of campsites, South Africa is the perfect country for camping holidays nearly all year round. Each weekend sees friends and families load up the cars, hit the roads, and pitch their tents in some scenic location for a relaxing getaway. The one downside, if you can call it that, is collecting all the necessary gear and getting it all loaded into your vehicle every time you want to escape into the countryside. If this sounds all too familiar to you, perhaps it is time you consider getting yourself a 4×4 camping trailer. Need some more convincing? Here are some of the top reasons to get a 4×4 camping trailer:


  1. You get to enjoy exceptional convenience. How often have you wanted to escape on a weekend getaway, but felt overwhelmed by the prospect of packing everything, trying to squeeze it into your car, and then enduring a cramped drive to your destination? With a decent 4×4 camping trailer, those days are over. No need to pack a separate tent or to squeeze all your gear onto the seat next to you. All of this can now easily go into your trailer.


  1. Take pleasure in an improved camping experience. Tired of all the bits and bobs that you need to find all over your house and garage every time you need to pack for a trip to the countryside? A well-equipped 4×4 camping trailer will not only provide you storage for your equipment while at home, eliminating the need to scramble to find everything, but most quality ones also come with a convenient tent, bedding, lots of storage space, and even power points. It’s an all-in-one solution with little to no hassle.


  1. It is really easy to use. The systems and appliances of your 4×4 camping trailer should be designed to be easy to operate. Gone are the days of struggling for hours to erect a flimsy tent, only for it to be blown over by the slightest breeze. It might take a few minutes to figure some of the elements out on your first try, but instructions should be included, and you can trust that everything is included with ease-of-use and convenience in mind. Pitching the tent takes seconds, and there is the added benefit that it is anchored by the trailer itself.


  1. It is a more affordable option. Camp equipment is pricey and can quickly add up. On the other hand, a motorhome or caravan is ridiculously expensive and unnecessary for most casual travellers. A 4×4 camping trailer provides the perfect in-betweener and is affordable for most families. Apart from the purchase price, you will also pay less in maintenance than for a motorhome or caravan. the same goes for licencing and insurance.


  1. It is easy to tow. Have you ever towed a full-sized caravan? It is stressful, especially in holiday traffic. A 4×4 camping trailer is much easier to tow, as it is lighter and more aerodynamic. In addition, it is also much lower, allowing for better rearward visibility while on the road.


  1. You can go wherever you want. That is the beauty of a 4×4 camping trailer – you don’t have to stick to the well-trodden paths. If you have an off-road vehicle, you can take this handy companion with you wherever you go. They are designed to be sturdy and stable, so that you can enjoy the most pristine of destinations far off the beaten track.


If you are looking for the ultimate 4×4 camping trailer, contact GT Camper. It is our passion for travelling that gave birth to our excellent campers. We know what it takes to plan the perfect getaway and now it is your turn to enjoy the same convenience and pleasure.